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A graduate of the Fashion Career College of Fashion Design and Business, Jayme Wiley, has been working in the fashion industry most of her adult life. Jayme’s passion for design and eye for style has catapulted her success as both a stylist and designer. From conceptualizing a piece to dressing a model, Jayme is hands-on ensuring perfection in every area of her business. An entrepreneur in her craft, Jayme is owner of Poetic Dyme, a custom design company targeting women over age 21. Each piece is handmade and custom fit to style. A creator at heart, Jayme’s love for the arts does not stop with fashion, she is also a writer and poet which is where the name Poetic Dyme was derived. It is a self-representation of her being, as a poet and a pretty fly individual. Her inspiration comes from her mother, Debra, who would sew clothes for Jayme growing up. While the fashionista side has always been prevalent, Jayme had to push herself to work outside of her comfort zone and become a master seamstress. Jayme’s motivation comes from her two son’s Jordan and Ja’Meer, in which her success demonstrates that through hard work and perseverance you can be anything you want. Jayme loves the “wow-factor” and being different and creative allows her to express her style and garner that amazing reaction every time one of her pieces hits the runway. Fashion shows and photoshoots are a highlight for Jayme, as they give her the opportunity to turn her work into fashion and her fashion into art, seeing her work come to life is exhilarating. While Jayme is extremely proud of how far she has come she recognizes there is still work to be done and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Her desire is to evolve her business exponentially through manufacturing her designs and working more behind the scenes. Also allowing her the opportunity to follow her dream of styling and designing for celebrities.    Jayme is influenced by the celebrity styles of Rhianna, Aaliyah and Left-Eye to name a few. Their eclectic style is mixed with a bit of androgyny and sexiness eluding to a style of endless expectations for an ingenious designer like Jayme.